Road Trippin’: The Red Centre

Australia’s most famous rock. The largest monolith in the world. One of the world’s natural wonders… Uluru (formerly known as Ayer’s Rock, before the white man pretended to give the land back to the Aborigines). This is what draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to this sacred area of Australia. Uluru is mightily impressive, yes, however in my humble opinion there is more impressive things and more fun to be had in this area than many people know.

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Road Trippin’: Adelaide to Coober Pedy

It’s been a little while since my last post, and that is due to the Australian Outback being the most remote, off-grid place I have ever been. For kilometres and kilometres you can drive without one little tiny blip of signal popping up on your phone, which makes the idea of writing anything and uploading it up to the world wide web a nigh on impossibility!

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Road Trippin’: Melbourne to Adelaide

And so the great Australian journey begins… The plan is to drive and camp our way from Melbourne to Adelaide (already successfully completed!), then from Adelaide up to Alice Springs via some fairly well known spots – you know, that big red rock in the middle of nowhere, and other such places – then continuing on north from Alice Springs, veering off up towards Cairns, before then heading down the East Coast back to Melbourne. Phew! Pretty fucking long way to drive.

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Three Days in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, or more affectionately known as KL by most, is the sprawlzing capital city of Malaysia, boasting an intriguing diversity and abundant list of attractions and landmarks which would keep anyone busy for a few days of exploring.

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Singapore: How To Spend A Small Fortune…

Singapore – very well known for being one of the world’s most expensive cities to live in / visit. This however did not deter our interests in this strangely clean-cut Asian city. Clean is certainly not a word I have ever used to describe any of the cities in Asia that I have visited, but Singapore, I’m sure, will graciously take that accolade.

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Penang Food Trail: Top 5

So we decided to return to Penang after our extended stay on Koh Lanta. The reason behind this is that Penang is famous for having “the best street food in the World”. I touched on these previously whilst blogging about Penang, but this time the main focus of our trip here was to eat, eat, and eat some more. We decided that we would eat our way around downtown Georgetown and sample some of the dishes that have made this town and island famous.

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Koh Lanta: Island Time

Following our land-locked few weeks in Northern Thailand and our strangely entertaining experience in Thailand’s eccentric capital – Bangkok, it was time to retreat from the mountains and the cities and head southwards to Thailand’s islands for a bit of a slower life for a few days. Those few days have turned into a week so far and we haven’t even left the first island… Koh Lanta.

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Easy as Pai…

Pai is a relatively small town set up in the mountains of North East Thailand in the province of Mae Hong Son. For many years (over 30 years, some say) it has a been a bit of a mecca for travellers looking for something a bit different from their time in Thailand, with opportunities to go out and trek round the surrounding area and find your own little adventures long the way.

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Chiang Mai: Round 2

Back to Chiang Mai we went and into two incredible days of interesting places and exhilarating experiences. Our first full day back in Chiang Mai we rented another bike and went to take in a couple more of the more scenic temple sites up into Doi Suthep National Park. By this point I had thoroughly had enough of temples and being told off for wearing shoes anywhere in the vicinity of a temple. Soph was still enjoying herself (I think) so I maintained face, kind of.

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