Arusha to Zanzibar…

Friday was our last day in Arusha, so we decided to explore the city a bit more (mainly on the hunt for an ATM that actually works, (which is a rarity apparently!), taking in some of the sights, of which there is not that many to be honest, and also experience some of the local munch.

I can tell why this city is known for being Tanzania’s safari gateway, because there is not a lot else it can be known for. Don’t get me wrong it is fun exploring the craziness and being pretty much the only white person on any given street at any given time (which definitely attracts some attention), but other than that Arusha does not have much to offer. If you want a safari, go there, if you don’t, I would say don’t bother! We ate our lunch at one of the local street restaurants close to our guesthouse, which was awesome! A big plate of rice, meat and beans in some local style sauces called a Wasi Roast for less that £1, bargain… It was so good we went back for dinner, taking our safari buddies, Jurgen and Roberta with us for a farewell meal and a few beers.

The next morning we set off for Dar es Salaam on the Kilimanjaro Express bus, which we managed to get some tickets for during our day of wandering the streets of Arusha the day before. There is one word that can describe the bus journey from Arusha to Dar… long. We were told at the ticket stand it would take approx. 8 hours. Having started to grow accustom the Swahili motto for life, “pole, pole” which means “slowly, slowly”, we assumed this was probably optimistic! As suspected we were right. 12 hours after departing Arusha (at 6am) we arrived in Dar and found somewhere to stay for the night, which was a bit of a shit hole, but it was only a £10er so acceptable, especially only for 1 night before our morning ferry to Zanzibar.

So, that brings us to today. I am currently sat in the nice rooftop terrace area of our guesthouse in the heart of Stone Town overlooking the fish market (thankfully the smell isn’t bad – hopefully the wind doesn’t change!). I think the 12 hour bus ride, the dodgy hostel in Dar or maybe something I have eaten (who knows), has not done me wonders as I feel a bit on the peaky side, but oh well shit happens. We managed to make it safely to Zanzibar on the ferry and have had some time to explore the maze of streets and market stalls that sprawl throughout the area, and we are looking forward to heading to the beaches of the East or North (we haven’t decided yet) tomorrow morning.

Sorry, the internet is too shit to upload any photos right now…


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