Welcome to India…

Well what can I say, India is shit, I wish I never came! Haha, lies, I’m just kidding…

We arrived into Goa airport last Sunday (22nd) at around 1pm, approximately 6 hours later than expected, as mine and Soph’s connecting flight from Dubai to Mumbai got in too late, giving us an unfeasible amount of time to get from Mumbai’s rather posh looking international terminal to a rather raggedy domestic terminal. So, knowing this in advance we had to book ourselves another flight with the extremely well known, and I am sure very respected airline, Spice Jet (who’s tag line is: Red. Hot. Spicy! – just what you want from any flight I’m sure).

We spent the first few days generally just getting used to being in Goa, which does take some getting used to, especially the driving aspect, and also meeting up with our mates who had arrived into Goa at various times over the previous days. Over the past week it has occurred to me that coordinating a group of 10 people spread over 3 or 4 different houses can be a bit tricky, but nevertheless it’s been great to see everyone, not in England, not moaning about work, and overall on good form (most of the time).

As with the majority of the times when I meet up with my mates, there is not a great deal to report, or maybe just lots of stuff I probably just shouldn’t report, but there has definitely been a few key moments from the past week that have helped me to massively enjoy the time I have spent here so far…


“Fucking chaos” is about the only good description for the roads in Goa, especially at dusk where trucks and buses either don’t see you, pretend not to see you, or just generally don’t give a shit about anything! There are quite a few hazards on the Goan roads to keep a close eye out for, the main being the fact that locals have very poor driving skills, and very little appreciation for the life of themselves and their passengers, which coupled together is a recipe for disaster. Secondly, gangs of dogs run the streets in certain areas (don’t beep them to ask them politely to move, because they will chase you down, and try to eat you – Note: mopeds are not good getaway vehicles!) and although we have got our own guard dog at our house (Gary the Guard Dog), Gary has no credibility beyond our shitty little lane, which leads to an even shittier little lane, which leads to our house in the scrub jungle. Finally, cows – sacred in India, and it shows in their attitude towards everything going on around them. They simple don’t care. One particular cow decided to lose its shit a bit at the side of the road and charged out towards Hugo’s bike. Needless to say, Hugo didn’t win that particular fight, and took a well-executed drop and roll from a moving vehicle. Anyway, driving about never fails to provide plenty of entertainment, and a bit of road rage.


Excellent. Nothing more needs to be said.


Over the course of the last week our group of 10 have set off on a few different missions to some great beaches along the North Goa coast, and on Saturday we even took our convoy into Maharashtra (the state to the North of Goa) to visit Redi Beach, a place that Oli had visited previously, and the spot we had all decided we would set the big man free. Redi Beach was a great location, relatively quiet and untouched compared to many of the beaches further south, and plenty of secluded areas of the beach, but only if you ford the hazardous river or pay the man in the boat to take you across. The first option was more appealing. Although in order to leave our respective houses and gather before getting the convoy rolling is a massive challenge, (especially for certain members of our group…), we have had a some amazing beach days so far, and witnessed some pretty beautiful sunsets off India’s west coast.

All in all, I’m loving Goa so far and am excited at the prospect of staying here for a while longer. We have one more week with the majority of our group here, so here’s to some more fun, parties, beaches and delicious munch.



  1. Glad you are enjoying yourselves. There are no laws on the roads as far as we could make out. Give way to Lorries and cows and you might survive ! There are so many roadside crashes because the Lorry drivers drink while driving. No one needs to take a driving test either ! Can’t wait to see more photos. xxx


  2. Hi Ed & Soph, As I sit here in the cold, wind and rain of England in December, I think – you lucky b****rs!
    Take care on those roads, we want you back in one piece, and let’s see some pictures…Dad


  3. Hello! More photos will be on the way soon I hope. I just need to find some good internet (we have nothing at our house) as I currently have to use my phone internet to upload things. I’ve got quite a few of Tanzania and Goa though so I will get them up ASAP. Speak soon!


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