Gallivanting in the Grampians…

Right then, it’s been a while (again) since I wrote anything in this blog of mine, so I thought I better stop being a lazy shit and get waffling…

Last weekend I was gifted an extremely rare thing in my current job… A weekend off!! Holy shit, no way… yes way! Sufficiently chuffed with the situation, I got on the phone to Jucy Car Rentals and locked down another beauty of a Hyundai. It turns out this Hyundai was literally brand new (only 1000kms on the clock), and an absolute gem. What on Earth possessed them to entrust me with the wellbeing of a brand new car. Crazy! Oh, well I was not complaining, slight shitting myself to begin with, but certainly not complaining.

Where to this time you may ask?? Well, the Grampians of course. Along with the Great Ocean Road (been there, done that) the Grampians is another of Victoria’s not-very-well-kept little secrets. The Grampians National Park is located about a 3hr drive West from Melbourne. So, early on Saturday morning, well 10am, Soph and I head off to explore the Grampians.


We had an overnight stay booked in a modest little cabin in Halls Gap – basically a static caravan (not that the Aussies had a clue what I was on about when I said this when checking in – “Do you mean a cabin?” “Yeh, whatever mate”). Reaching the Grampians around lunch time, we instantly found a huge group of Kangaroos occupying the local cricket pitch (they were at least alive this time!) which was cool – we didn’t venture too close though because the big boss man was a fucking monster, he was definitely taller than me and had clearly been pumping some iron and guzzling protein shakes. Beast…

The Grampians contains some spectacular viewpoints overlooking the National Park, some beautiful walks and epic waterfalls. Our first stop was to visit the Pinnacles lookout, and after a surprisingly long 2.3km we reached an incredible view. Check out the photos. If only the weather wasn’t getting a bit shit, it would have been even better. So after a few Irish Dancing manoeuvres on some slippery rocks we returned to the car for our next stop.


The decision was made to cut our losses as the weather was getting worse, and we headed to the most famous of the lookouts, known as The Balconies – basically very precarious looking rock formations overhanging a huge drop, hmmm inviting… The “done thing” here is to sit on the very edge of the overhang and look overly please with yourself. Fuck that, not in the rain, I steered well clear of the edge after having quite a few Bambi moments already throughout the day!


That was enough fun for one day… It was far too wet, so off to our cabin to drink too much wine and eat Chinese food. Smashing! Oh, and to complete a 700 piece puzzle of the World – we know how to have fun, hahaha!!

Day 2 was just as miserable, if not more so than the previous day! Never fear, one thing that improves with heavy rainfall is waterfalls, of which the Grampians has many. So back in the Hyundai, and after dinking what initially I thought was an alloy wheel rim off a curb (turns out it was just a plastic hub cap that could be popped back into shape – pheeew!) – yep, definitely too much wine the night before, we went to find some waterfalls. We visited the largest of the Grampians waterfalls; Mackenzie Falls, then on to Fish Falls and the beautiful Silverband Falls.

Fish Falls

Pretty wet, a bit cold, and definitely hungry we decided to escape the mountains again and visited an olive farm for some nibbles. We sampled our fair share of treats and decided to sit down to a platter of more delicious things – olives, cheeses, fruit, nuts, etc. You know… nibbles. After nearly loosing some teeth in a battle with what the lady described as a “possibly slightly over-roasted” chestnut, we set back out on the road back to Melbourne. 3 hours later, we arrived back at home.

Great scenery, tasty (albeit somewhat dangerous) nibbles, shit weather, all-in-all a good weekend!

Here’s a few more photos from our trip:

Damn pesky ‘roos!
Hop, skip and jump at Mackenzie Falls
A godly presence at the Pinnacles
Arts fartsy pathway
There was even a rainbow along the way
Adventurous stuff…
Behold, the 700 piece world map!
The skies cleared on our walk to the Pinnacles
Mackenzie Falls in all their flowing glory!

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  1. I am a sucker for views and waterfalls- so having the best of both in one post?!?!?!?! Oh my goodness!!!! These photos are GORGEOUS! And I really admire the fact that with a weekend off you chose to GO! Thanks for the great post!! I also have a travel blog if you’d ever want to check me out 🙂

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