Melbourne – The Story So Far…

And I’m back again. I thought it was time for an update on life down under, living in the World’s Most Liveable City 2016 – Melbourne.

All in all, life has been pretty good. A trip back to the UK for a host of “pivotal“ moments in my life – my 27th Birthday, my brother’s wedding and a rather eventful stag weekend – also a few trips to explore the wilds of Victoria, and the day to day grind of the working holiday.

Since arriving in Melbourne, Soph and I have had a few interesting moments along the way, from the depressive state of being homeless, jobless and pretty fucking skint at the beginning of our time here, to being ejected from our house by our crack-head landlord, and all the joys in between!

OK so you maybe wondering what on Earth I am going on about – ejected by a crack-head – that sounds rather far-fetched, right? Wrong. This genuinely happened, and gave us a rare glimpse into the life (if you can call it that) of a habitual drug addict. Joy of joys, exactly what we wanted when coming to Australia, a first hand, inside line on Melbourne’s meth-amphetamine problem. Don’t let this put you off, Melbourne is great, but our little episode of living with a meth-addict wasn’t so…

After 6 weeks or so of generally putting up with our landlord/housemate’s 3 day benders (of which he managed to fit 2 in per week!) which included lots of strange cross-dressing antics, some strange visitors, extremely anti-social noise and activity (and trust me, I am certainly not one to whinge about music levels normally – I have had my fair share of noise related issues in the past) and just down-right suspicious behaviour on the whole, we – now having accumulated enough funds to actually have a choice – decided that it was about time to look for a new place.

We approached Mr. Landlord to voice our concerns and to let him know we would be moving out within the next couple of weeks once we found a place. How wrong we were… He blew up and demanded we left the house at once – at 9pm on a Friday evening! To avoid any further confrontation (as he was clearly pretty high and rather unpredictable) we swiftly packed our shit up (I have never packed up all my belongings so quickly, and as it occurred to me, rather willingly) and vacated onto the streets.

Uber (taxi, to those of you not in the know) to the rescue… The Indian Uber driver’s face when presented with a curb full of belongings, which would need to be transported to a nearby hotel, was a real picture. Fair play to him – he was not pleased about the situation by any means, but did his bit to help. I unsurprisingly couldn’t fit in the car so while Soph hopped in the only free space, I trudged my way with the remaining luggage to the hotel. We were free! We were however slightly out of pocket by a couple of weeks rent, but hey-ho, never mind, shit happens to everyone! (Maybe not this kind of shit though, haha)

So that was that. That event took place over 2 months ago, and since then, and only about a week after “the boot”, we found another – much more normal – place to live, where we are happy to stay put until WE decide it is time to leave.

What else have we done? We bought a car… which we have fantastic plans for! Our mighty Mazda wagon will hopefully (if it doesn’t break down and leave us for dead in the outback) take us on a rather long journey up through the outback to Uluru, over to the top of the East Coast to the Great Barrier Reef and back down the coast to Melbourne. Hmmm, that is mighty far, are you crazy? You may ask… Answer: Probably.

Work is going well for both myself and Soph, and both of us have been given the opportunity to stay on for the remaining 6 months of our visas in similar / the same roles. Result! That will take us up to March, living in Melbourne throughout the summer, which – let’s face it – is the reason we came to Australia. We have put up with the wintery chills of the Antarctic breeze for the past few months, and quite frankly long enough, so a bit of summer sun is definitely on the cards.

Next up for me, before summer hits us properly, is a 10 day trip to Australia’s adrenaline fuelled next door neighbour, New Zealand. I have managed to wangle myself a free trip travelling through the South Island of NZ – courtesy of Peterpans Adventure Travel. Perks of the job!

Expect an update from me following my action-packed, and probably pretty boozy, trip across the Tasman Sea.

Here are a few photos of Melbourne (not a lot – I’ve been pretty lazy with my camera!):


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